Scientific Cannabis Creations


We don’t expect you to develop a cannabis product without weed taste or smell all on your own…that takes a lot of science!

Come to our lab and experience SōRSE.

What is SōRSE?

SōRSE THC & CBD emulsion technology in liquid form surrounds oils, transforming the entire solution into water-compatible forms.

All of this means you can add cannabis to your product including beverages without that "weed" taste or smell.

How To

Quick Guide to Using SōRSE


Schedule an appointment to meet with our staff. We’ll go over all of the science of SōRSE and let you try some of our products already using patent-pending SōRSE.


Develop your plan. Will you create a drink? An edible? A topical? We can help consult your company on the best use for SōRSE in your new cannabis-infused product.


Determine how your product will be made. Which company will you choose to help manufacture and bottle? We do the science, you develop the base. We can also help with your base.


Market and sell your product with precise and consistent dosing that exhibits no cannabis taste or smell. Contact us to add SōRSE to your next product.

Find It

Happy Apple

Happy Apple™, the great tasting sparkling cannabis-infused apple beverage.


Utopia™ cannabis-infused sparkling water in Lime, Grapefruit, and Cherry.


Pearl2 O™, a THC/CBD “creative water” for infusing your own food.


Vertus™ is the first-ever THC-infused sparkling bubbly (alcohol-free).

Velvet Swing

Cannabis-infused sensual lubricant for longer, stronger orgasms.


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